5 Google Tool to Boost Your Productivity

As we know during this pandemic we are required to carry out activities by reducing direct contact as much as possible, because of this, many schools and jobs are required to be done remotely to reduce direct contact. Google provides several tools that you can use in your activities, Google also provides 15GB of storage via google drive, photos and Gmail for free.

If you subscribe, you will get more storage depending on the package you take, for example, if you buy google one you will get 100GB, standard is 200GB and premium is 1TB. Here are some Google Tools that you can use to help you doing your activities during pandemic. In addition, Google also provides several tools that you can use if you are traveling abroad or if you want to make a certain schedule for your meeting.

5 Google Tool to Boost Your Productivity

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a tool created by Google to manage time. You can create a private or public calendar after you register with Google. The features provided by Google Calendar are quite varied, such as managing your schedule or giving invitations quickly to your friends if you create a public calendar.

Google Calendar also provides a “goal” feature that serves to organize your schedule automatically. You only have to fill out questions related to the goals you want. If there is a schedule that does not fit Google will immediately look for other free time to replace the schedule.

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Google Mail (Gmail)

Google Mail or we usually know as Gmail is a tool that Google made to manage your Mail. Gmail provides several features to make it easier for you to send some emails. The schedule message feature makes it easy for you to schedule message delivery. You can send messages according to the date you want, you just need to specify the date of sending the message and the message will be sent automatically on the date you have specified.

Gmail also provides a secret message feature. You can use this feature if you want to send an important message to someone or your client. The person who receives the email will get a code so they can see the message you sent, the code will automatically enter the recipient’s number and third parties will not be able to see the message. This feature used by Gmail is very useful if you want to send an important message.

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Google Meet

Goggle Meet is one of Google tool that we can use if we have to do some long distance meeting. Google Meet provides a feature to create remote meetings for up to 100 participants and a time of 60 minutes. If you subscribe, you can get several advantages such as more participants and longer time in meeting, you can even broadcast your meeting live in a domain like Youtube.

Google Meet also provides several features in the meetings you create. One of the features provided by Google Meet is that you can make presentations. The presentation feature can be used by everyone you allow in the meeting.

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Google Drive

Google Drive is a tool that Google made to save all your data. Google Drive is directly connected to several Google editing tools such as Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms and Google Docs. Google Drive provides 15GB of storage and if you subscribe you can get more and even unlimited storage according to the package you choose.

Google Drive also provides sharing features and privacy permissions. This feature allows you to share Google Drive files or folders in your drive with certain people and you can limit who can see the files. In addition, you are also given a feature so that people who want to see the file must first ask your permission.

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Google Translate

Google Translate is a tool that we can use to translate words. This tool will help you a lot if you go to another country and you don’t know their language. We usually typing feature that Google Translate give, but you have to type the word so google can translate it.

Google Translate feature that can make it easier for you is Transcribe, which is a feature that will translate conversations directly. This feature was launched by Google in 2020, you don’t need to type a conversation or record a conversation first so that Google can translate it, you just have to activate the Transcribe feature and speak right away and Google will immediately translate what you say according to the language you want.

Another feature that Google give is Camera Translation. This feature make you can translate some word just by using camera. If you see an article in a language you don’t know, you just have to point your camera at the text and Google will instantly translate the text.

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Those are some Google Tools that you can use to make the activities you do easier. Hopefully this article can help you use Google more easily and can help you in your activities.

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