5 Best Free Email Client for Windows 10

It’s not rare for businesspeople to have more than one email address. Even one company email address will have dozens of emails every day, including on weekends. So, those things become the reason why email clients are crucial.

Email clients are the applications that let individuals or groups of people configure one or more emails. By doing so, they can receive, read, compose, and send emails from those particular clients.

In the past, Microsoft Outlook has been one of the most well-known email clients. As time goes by, it becomes less applicable and more pricey, including for Windows 10 users. So, here, we provide you with the lists of free email clients for Windows 10:


5 Best Free Email Client for Windows 10 Mail

Windows 10’s Mail doesn’t only manage one email. Instead, this built-in Windows 10 application lets you integrate as many email addresses as possible.

There are some cases where you can create your email address by using the Mail application. The personalization possibilities include the areas of the profession, personality, lifestyle, location, and more.

Since this is a built-in application, you’ll see that Mail has the most convenient and practical user interface. We can say that the menu displays are the same as when we access Mail through our Windows-based smartphone. The only difference lies in the display’s sizes.

There are times when you can set up your Mail accounts in advance. In doing so, you can even manage the inbox and outbox email servers. Mail even has antivirus software to help you combat the viruses that try to invade your emails.


5 Best Free Email Client for Windows 10 Thunderbird

Many people think Thunderbird is one of the most reliable free and open-source email clients for Windows 10 for many reasons. One of the primary reasons is that Thunderbird performs faster and has more user-friendly interfaces than other open-source email clients.

Like the built-in Mail application, Thunderbird also allows you to manage multiple email accounts. It also protects you from unknown people who try to obtain sensitive information about you, such as your credit card numbers.

Adding people to your address book is yet another advantage of Thunderbird that you can consider. By doing so, you can use another feature of Thunderbird, which is filtering emails by new messages, people, or tags. When you need to, you can even send a URL to a large file. Such things are beneficial since you don’t have to upload individual attachments for those files.

If you decide to use attachments, you can focus on uploading the smaller-sized files. Those files are usually less than a few megabytes. Thunderbird will do its job to remind you to attach those files before you send the email.

eM Client

5 Best Free Email Client for Windows 10 eM Client

Many companies and some startups use eM Client because this free-to-use email client for Windows 10’s purposes is around the office tasks and communication areas.

eM Client is compatible with Gmail, Exchange, and Office 365. Those three mailing services are among the most well-known for Windows 10 users.

To top it all, eM Client has a slick modern user interface. Such interface suits well with almost all Microsoft applications.

eM Client even has conversational views for the email threads. Every email user who integrates their emails through the eM Client can also use the integrated chat services. Jabber is one of the chat services that are present within the eM Client software.

This free-to-use email client for Windows 10 is also one of the email clients with the calendar management feature. By using the feature, company meetings will be easier to conduct.

If you ever worry about security issues, this email client software lets you backup your entire email message. It also complies with the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption. With such encryptions, you will be sure that the email senders are not just random spammers who try to insert malicious software into your Windows 10 devices.


5 Best Free Email Client for Windows 10 MailSpring

People have recognized Mailspring as the Windows 10 email client that can shame other email clients since its name was Nylas Mail. Mailspring has got lots of updates since the name change around August 2017. Those updates include quicker syncing, time for launching, and more.

Other email clients may sync with Gmail and Office 365. Yet, Mailspring can integrate with Yahoo, FastMail, and IMAP, too. You can add as many email addresses as you want with Mailspring. Then, you can start composing your email in the default language, which is English.

People have localized Mailspring into nine different languages. This email client will automatically translate and revise the spellings, grammar, and more, as you type your emails. If those things are not enough for you, you can add emojis to make your emails more lively. After that, Mailspring will let you add a signature to your email.

After you’ve finished writing, you can obtain information if the recipients have received your email. If you’ve realized that you’ve sent to the wrong person or sent the incorrect emails, you can undo the emails within a specific timeframe.


5 Best Free Email Client for Windows 10 MailSpring

BlueMail is one of the free Windows 10 email clients to let you integrate with an unlimited amount of email accounts. BlueMail also supports group email, making it a supportive email client for organizing group activities in workplaces.

On the group activities, BlueMail allows you to access calendars. Such things will make it easier for you to plan and organize group events. You can also use BlueMail to track how many unread emails (including unread invitations) if you worry about people who don’t attend but don’t tell anyone.

Filtering starred email is yet another advantage that BlueMail has. This feature permits you to differentiate between the crucial messages from the non-crucial ones. To help you organize your mailing lists better, this free-to-use email client allows you to mark specific messages and send them some times later.

Best of all, you can install and use BlueMail on Android or iOS-based phones or tablets. Doing so will serve as a backup in case there are horrible things that happen on your laptops. BlueMail also provides tons of themes that you can use and switch at any time at your convenience.


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