5 Best Free Online PDF Compressor

5 Best Free Online PDF Compressor — People use pdf as file type to create digital document that they can read directly. This format was introduced in early 1990s by Adobe. Few years later until today, portable document format or known as pdf ecomes the standard and widely utilized for most document-based file. It does not limit only for text but also picture and spreadsheet. To make pdf file, you just convert directly with some software.

It sounds simple and easy but there is issue. You just obtain pdf file but the size is very large. Usually, documents contain pictures or images will generate this result as long as you intend to maintain the quality. On the other hand, you find difficulty when handling this one especially while reading or accessing all contents. File size also depends on how many pages you have.

To overcome this situation, you can use software to compress pdf file. The good news is you do not need to install but only accessing directly via online. You just visit a website and upload the file then wait until compressing is done. Several software are considered the best and the following list will explore more about them.

Adobe Acrobat Online

Adobe Acrobat provides online compressing service for users to make their pdf file smaller. You already recognize the name including adobe as the inventor of pdf itself. Acrobat is software specifically not just creating but also editing. On the other hand, this online service is dedicated solely for compressing any pdf you have. To use this one, you just visit the website and find some features.

To compress pdf file, select file and choose from your computer. After that, file is uploading and compressing is started automatically. You download the result and the size is smaller than previous version. This service also maintains the quality of your content so that you can share easily.

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The next software is iLovePDF that has capability to compress pdf file. You can use easily and the compression will begin after uploading is done. In this case, you pick three ways to upload into this service. Firstly, you select pdf file from direct uploading feature. Secondly, you just drag and drop a file from your computer. The last option is from cloud service. This online software can grab file from Google drive and Dropbox. You must provide permission when using this feature. Compression takes time depending on the original size and you do not need to worry about quality. This software makes sure the result is still high quality and easy to share anywhere.

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You have a pdf file but the size is very big that is uncomfortable to share. To solve this issue, you can use PDF24 to compress this file into smaller version. This software is available as online service, which users do not need to install on their computer. They just visit the website and do compressing directly.

As usual, you will see some features to support the compression process. Users may select a file directly from computer. Another way is they drop a file to upload. This software provides feature to adjust the quality. It is necessary step when a file contains more pages or images. The compression will start after adjustment is done. If you do not like the result, start again from the beginning. This software provides unlimited access and you compress as many files as possible. Another benefit is you do not pay a fee, which means this service is free.

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You can use PDF2Go to compress your big pdf file. This software is available as online service that means you do not need to install on your device. All users may access from computer, smartphone, mac, and anything. You also find some features that are useful to boost the quality.

To compress pdf file, you need to upload a file directly. This process has several ways such as upload from computer, cloud service, drag and drop file, and direct link. After file is ready, you just press start and compression process is started. The result will be based on basic format. You can choose several settings to adjust file size and quality. You find several presents with specific options such as Insane, Minimum, Normal, EBook, Printer, and Prepress. Moreover, you can transform all images into greyscale mode so that the result is smaller than the original file.

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PDF Compressor

PDF Compressor is the best software to compress pdf files. You use this one directly via online without installing on your device. In that case, accessing this service can be done from smartphone, laptop, and mac as long as you visit the website. It is much practical and versatile so that you may compress many files anywhere easily.

To use this software, you prepare pdf files and upload them directly. It can handle several pages simultaneously and uploading speed is fast. The next is you just compress them and wait until the process is done. You may download files one by one or grab them into single zip archive. The software will maintain the quality and does not reduce much dpi on images. You can share all files for website, social network, and publishing.

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The list above is the best choices when you need the pdf compression software. In general, features and capabilities are relatively not much difference between one and others. You find uploading section where you put the source and start compressing. Some of them provide other options to upload such as via cloud storage and link. However, you should consider this method as the last option. Direct upload or drop file is still the top choice.

The purpose of those services is you get smaller file that will be easy and simple to share. Usually, a pdf file contains more texts does not have much different when compressing is done. On the other hand, the result shows the big gap when the file has many images, especially high resolution. You already know the consequence after using this service. More benefits are available because you have a file with smaller size. Therefore, pdf compression software is the best choice you can get.

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