5 Best Free Online Presentation Softwares

5 Best Free Online Presentation Softwares — Not everyone is an expert at giving a speech or presentation in front of many people. In most cases, most people will feel nervous when they have to deliver their presentation in front of a big crowd. As a result, some will try to avoid doing presentations, or even if they do, their presentation will be disorganized. Therefore, speaking in front of many people is done to show one’s ability that they must be confident in order to present the materials well.

If you are someone who is not confident in presenting, then making presentation slides will add to the attractiveness of your presentation. Why is that? Because by adding presentation slides, viewers will not only focus on you, but on the visuals of your presentation as well. So, it will make your nervousness go away because you can explain things more through the slides.

Of course, any presentations must be supported by interesting slides. For this matter, using various presentation software that are available online will certainly make the explanations you are trying to deliver more interesting. Hence, these online presentation software have several platforms that provide a lot of convenience when using it. Since, they are equipped with a variety of interesting features.

Therefore, presentation software is a tool that will assist you in expressing your opinions and ideas better in the forms of various objects such as images, sounds, and even videos that can be arranged according to your needs. In fact, many of these presentation software have the following basic functions:

  • Create presentation slides for teaching, business, and seminars.
  • Add features such as audio, video, images and animations in the presentation to make the presentation more interesting and lively.
  • Make it easier for presenters to organize and print slides.
  • Make presentations in a soft copy so that they can be stored and displayed on the monitor screen.

From the various trusted online presentation software, the following 5 softwares have an export feature into a PowerPoint file (.pptx) so that the file can be opened and edited using other applications. Therefore, you should ignore some of the online presentation softwares whose output files are only images or pdfs such as the free versions of Canva, Genially, Prezi, and These 5 softwares include:

Google Slide

Google Slide (​Free space 15 GB)— Google Slide is a great option if you want to publish your presentation online. Even though Google Slide is a cloud-based app, you can change the settings to use it offline. Plus, with its growing popularity in terms of Google office tools, you can upgrade into a premium version of office tools as your needs expand. Aside from that, Google Slide is also easy to learn. It has an online documentation tool such as the Help section, when you sign up for a free Google account you get access to all Google Drive tools, including Google Slide.
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Microsoft PowerPoint

Online Microsoft PowerPoint (​Free space 5 GB)— Microsoft PowerPoint is an application that is well known and widely used as a useful online presentation software and it’s also available for free. The online version of Microsoft PowerPoint provides a variety of templates and transitions for all your presentation needs. Because of this, Microsoft PowerPoint is generally used to display presentations, to make it more pleasing to the eyes and easy to understand.
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OnlyOffice Document Editor

OnlyOffice Document Editor (​Free space 2 GB)— It is a full-featured office tool, the OnlyOffice Document Editor is useful for writing and editing documents, creating spreadsheets, and also creating presentations. It is a cloud-based tool where doing collaborative work is very easy, as well as being able to share your presentations to others is also easy. One of the best features of the OnlyOffice Document Editor is its compatible Office 365 templates.
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Zoho Show

Zoho Show (Free Space 25.00 GB)— Zoho Show is another cool office tool. The free version of this presentation software is available for teamed-up with up to 5 users. The free version also offers some great additional features for teamwork, such as the secure file collaboration and in-app chat. Hence, Zoho Show is part of Zoho Workplace
that includes Mail, Chat, Connect, Docs, Writer, Sheets, Sites, and Showtime where you can use it online to create, edit, or share professional presentations. You can also directly publish your work on the web. In addition, when you’re offline, your work syncs to your Zoho cloud that you can access whenever you’re back online.
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Keynote (​Free space 5 GB)— Keynote is one of the many free online presentation software for you to try. If you have a Mac, it will come with Apple’s Keynote software preloaded and that is easy to use. This is because it integrates well with the Mac platform, which makes it easy to add images and multimedia to your presentations. Keynote is also available to download for free for iOS devices from the iTunes App Store. For PC users, you can now view or edit Keynote presentations online with the iCloud site.
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Various websites provide the best features to help users make their presentation materials looking more professional, attractive, and sophisticated. In addition, the ease of saving and editing presentations is also an advantage of these free online presentation softwares, since they can be used with various platforms.

Therefore, with the 5 free online presentation softwares mentioned above, a variety of choices are available for you to use. Choose the one that suits your needs and skills. Also, make sure not to overdo it in terms of displaying the materials, so it doesn’t look complicated and confusing for your viewers. Plus, if you make things easier, then you’ll be doing your presentation with much confidence.

Last but not least, if you are creating a presentation with a smartphone or a tablet, then one of these 5 free online presentation softwares is the best solution for you. All you need is to choose a website with the most suitable service for your presentation needs.

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