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5 Best Free Online Word Processor Software

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to compose a letter in a flash? Problem is, you were out and about and your laptop was nowhere near. Writing a draft and ready print letters are not the same. There are a lot of people who choose to clog their mobile devices with a lot of productivity apps but ended up only using one. Don’t worry, there is an answer to any problem. In this case, you have the online software.
When you need to be productive everywhere, you can rely on online applications. This cloud-supported software is accessible no matter when and where. The best part is that they are free. We have selected the five best online word processors that you must try.

5 Best Free Online Word Processor Software

1. Google Docs

In the past decade, Google has made sure that they are the driving force behind a seamless internet experience. They have the email, browser, and a productivity suite. A lot of companies have been using Google suite, especially Google Docs for their documents.
Upon signing up, you will receive 15GB of space for free, with the option to upgrade. Google Docs is also very easy to use and highly customizable to minimize any room for errors. By default, you store the file on your Google Drive. This means you can easily attach the file to your email. On top of easy file sharing for collaboration.
For many years, this file collaboration has been the main highlight of Google Docs. By sharing the link, the document owner can have as many people as they want to work on the document, or just view the changes with limited access to commenting instead of editing.


2. Microsoft Word Online

Not a lot of people aware that Microsoft Word Online is a real thing. Many have been accustomed to the software that is often included in their laptops. All you need to do is to go to their websites at office.com
Even if you don’t have Microsoft Word installed on your gadget, you still can use this online version with the same feature. To sign up, you can use your Hotmail or Microsoft account, or register for a new one. You will receive 5GB of cloud space upon registration.
Just like its offline version, the Microsoft Word online one also allows you to write documents, letters, and complete them with add-ons like pictures and clip arts. Inserting tables and integration from Microsoft Excel is also very easy.
If you’ve been using macros and mailings for your document integrations, you won’t have any difficulties using them in this online version. In short, being online doesn’t diminish or cut back the productivity of this app.
You also can print direct to a printer, or pdf, without having to install anything else.

3. Only Office Document Editor

Only Office is a lightweight browser app that focused on giving access to everyone the productivity suite that they may be unable to afford. You can work seamlessly using various formats such as ODT and DOCX without having to convert them first.
On top of that, Only Office offers the team leader the option to have the document collaborated in specific paragraphs or have it edited by several people in real-time. It’s a step forward from the collaboration using Microsoft Office and Google Docs. Also, you can compare documents directly from a link or a file.
Compared to other online applications, Only Office offers the smallest space at 2GB. But it allows for quick and light collaborations among team members. As it allows to work from various formats without further hassle.
To give this app a try, head directly to personal.onlyoffice.com

4. Zoho Writer

Zoho is a seamless writer app that started as a simple note-taking one. The company was awarded by Tech Crunchies as the Best Enterprise Startup, just a year after the company released their office suite in 2007.
When you use Zoho writer, you will get 25GB of space for your space, as well as the option to upgrade to premium. With Zoho premium, you can collaborate with your team to keep track of the progress without hassling anyone.
Zoho Writer is part of the collaboration section among over 40 apps on Zoho. They have many other products that can support personal use in a small business. Sending invoices through emails while keeping track of the book has never been easier.
To help your advancement, you can sign up for each of their apps based on what you need. But it is best if you sign up for their premium option, Zoho One. This suite allows you to track the project’s progress, keeping eye on the bookkeeping, even analyzing the company’s social media accounts.
Give Zoho a try at Zoho.com/writer.

5. Pages

Having any of apple products sure will help you to be familiar with using Pages. But it’s not the main requirement. Anyone can use the application by accessing icloud.com/pages.
The software is very easy to use. It only needs an iCloud account, one that you can create on the go, to access the service. Subsequently, you will get an extra 5GB of space for your files.
Pages look like your usual word processor software. You can edit the document and have collaborated with a select view of people. You also can edit any picture embedded on the document with an easy picture editor.
Compared to other online word processing app. Pages may seem to be exclusive since it’s based on iCloud. But everyone can transition from any word processor software to Pages seamlessly.
Another perk of Pages is that you can add extra security by adding a password to the documents you share. Just make sure that you remember to send them the password when you share the link.

It doesn’t matter if you are constantly on the go by choice, or it’s something your work demands from you. Nowadays, there are a series of free software that can help you on being productive. Making your work easier no matter where you are. Storing the documents on the cloud also means that file sharing only gets easier.


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