5 Best Free Learning Management System (LMS) WordPress Plugin

5 Best Free Learning Management System (LMS) WordPress Plugin — The coronavirus pandemic has taught us lots of things and changed the world’s structures. Some parts of the world even encourage online academic activities for every school and university grade. On-site training sessions for employees are even getting rarer than before the pandemic.

As such, the need to maximize the online training system increase even more. The Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the ways to do it. It is an application that can reduce learning-related costs. This application can also make academic activities (quizzes, tasks, etc.) easier to handle.

We think the WordPress plugin is the most reliable plugin for setting up and executing the LMS. The interfaces are easy to navigate and operate. So, you will have easier times handling the online course contents when you use the WordPress plugin.

In this article, we’ve provided you with the five best WordPress-based LMS. Best of all, these entire LMSs are free to use:

Tutor LMS – eLearning and online course solution


True to its name, Tutor LMS has many benefits for online tutors. This interactive WordPress-based LMS has plenty of features that will benefit the tutors.

When the tutors are about to earn money using the Tutor LMS, they can easily withdraw their earnings. Tutors will experience easy times in creating online courses using the latest version of Gutenberg editor. Even the reports are comprehensive enough to tell which course contents have the most percentages of successes.

Tutors can create as many question types as possible with the help of Tutor LMS. Short answers and matching sentences and images are among the question types that tutors can generate through this LMS. Tutors can also create image answering and reorganizing questions that make the classes’ atmosphere more lively.

Tutor LMS doesn’t only benefit the tutors. Students will also get access to the questions before the courses start. The emailing systems in Tutor LMS are also convenient since they directly integrate with the primary LMS. Such things make students easy to contact their tutors whenever they can.



Sometimes, being freebies alone is not enough to accommodate the needs for WordPress LMS plugins. The LMS should also have practical features and impeccable theme designs.

LearnPress can be your choice if you prefer an LMS that is both practical and elegant. You can see the many gorgeous design choices in the WordPress LMS Theme. Even though you love the free designs, you’ll see that these designs won’t hurt your eyes or your students’ in the long run.

Creating and managing courses that are ideal for MOOC platforms are some of LearnPress’ most evident advantages. Students and tutors can interact and communicate in the forum thanks to the BuddyPress technology it has.

Sensei LMS


The user-friendly login and register interfaces and processes are among Sensei LMS’ robust benefits. It also gives the tutors and students large-sized fonts that are visible even on bright screen backgrounds.

In particular, Sensei LMS is an excellent choice if you need more money in teaching online courses. The WooCommerce Paid Courses extension lets you determine your teaching prices without worrying about the service fees and the likes.

Sensei LMS is also the WordPress LMS that encourages lots of quiz-making activities. Such things apply in particular for quizzes that require students’ memory capabilities. On top of all, you don’t need coding knowledge to operate Sensei LMS.

Namaste! LMS


Another one of the WordPress LMS plugins that you can consider is Namaste! LMS. This WordPress LMS application support an unlimited amount of courses, lessons, assignments, and more. The capability for creating and enforcing your own rules is the key strength of Namaste! LMS.

The possibilities for creating rules in completing the assessment, test results, and other classes’ standards, are more widespread than other free WordPress LMS plugins. It even lets you assign different user roles as to who manages the systems and who gets in the class.

The BuddyPress integration is the technology behind these advantages. Think about it as an alternative to Slack. The class tutors can add the students to the BuddyPress group channels. They will auto-leave when the classes’ syllabus has reached the end.

Other than the BuddyPress integration, Namaste! LMS also has tons of interactive features. For example, there are myCRED and GamiPress. The former is for transferring badges, while the latter is for adding new course-related activity events. Such gamification will encourage more classes participation.

Namaste! LMS is not only available in English. So far, the community translators have provided German and Russian translations to the LMS. So, if you’re communicating in any of those languages, you will have easier times using Namaste! LMS.



CLUEVO LMS doesn’t only have the most vivid descriptions about their advantages. This free-to-use WordPress LMS has the most flexible compatibilities to almost every standalone software.

The competence system measurement is one of the examples. It supports Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, the two most widely-used software to write and compute everything. Outlook is also among the freebie software that the competence system recognizes.

The facts that CLUEVO LMS recognizes the .docx and .xslx files are not enough in terms of the advantages. This WordPress LMS will also let you use your PDF files as the learning modules. So, you are free to either leave the PDF files be or convert the files to .docx formats.

In addition, CLUEVO LMS recognizes .mp3, .mp4, and .wav files for video and audio files. The free oEmbed extension lets the tutor sync videos from YouTube, Twitch, and other video streaming providers.

The user management rating is yet another area that becomes CLUEVO LMS’ expertise. The CLUEVO LMS developers refer to the rating system as the three access levels. The access levels begin with 0 (No access) and end with 2 (Open or full access for the users).

At this point, CLUEVO LMS only supports SCORM 2004 4th edition. Recently, they also use the SCORM 1.2 technology in creating course content. The latter SCORM is more convenient and more updated compared to the former.

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