s.id, World’s URL Shortener from Indonesia

s.id, World’s URL Shortener from Indonesia — We are certainly familiar with bit.ly or tinyurl.com. The URL shortening application is used very often, especially when sharing Google Form links, which by default have a long URL. But did you know that Indonesia has a very short URL shortener, namely s.id. It’s not an exaggeration when s.id has the slogan World’s shortest URL shortener because it only consists of 3 letters. Compared to bit.ly which consists of 5 letters, s.id is clearly shorter.

Pandi, the Indonesian Domain Manager launched a site address shortener (URL) service with the name s.id (s dot id) in 2014 which is equipped with 3 excellent features, namely:

Link Management – You can make the name of the link as desired as long as it’s available so that your address is easy to remember. In order to change the link, you must register and log in to s.id. If you are lazy to remember your user and password, you can log in using your Google account or u.id account. Another advantage of logging in is that every link you create will be saved in your account.

Statistics – s.id is equipped with statistics that can display website visits via short links created using s.id. With the statistical feature you can analyze business campaigns.
Ease of mobility – s.id can be accessed using a smartphone and remains light even though it is accessed by millions of visitors.

How to make short links on s.id

  1. Open the website address s.id and you will be automatically directed to the address home.s.id
  2. Make your choice using a random link provided by s.id (eg s.id/hghda), or you will choose your own link. If you use s.id for business purposes, I recommend that you create a link that is easy to remember.s.id, World's URL Shortener from Indonesia
  3. If you are not registered yet, you can click the Register button in the upper right corner. To speed up the process, we recommend signing in with Google.
  4. Open a new tab, open the URL to be shortened and copy the URL, for example the Google Form link.
  5. Back to s.id, continue pasting the copied link into the My Links column. You will be given a random code for the link that you have created.
  6. If you want to build the link the way you want, click Ganti.s.id, World's URL Shortener from Indonesia
  7. After you share the s.id link, you can view statistics through the statistics menu as shown above.
    Good luck..

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